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*This role may be performed in home country or current workbase

This role is responsible for managing and developing the global crop business with focus on delivering maximum revenue, profitability and market share for the Company by:

  • Setting the global crop strategy/direction for the Crop aligned with the company’s long-term strategic growth plans and Translating those strategies into executable plans and actions
  • Managing a balanced and robust global product portfolio
  • Identifying the most appropriate sourcing strategies to deliver the current and emerging requirements of the business in Close coordination with key stakeholders, partners and customers
  • Supervising and supporting crop managers
As a crop team leader , this role shall be driving performance, efficiency and results through individuals and teams ensuring that they are aligned, focused, inspired, motivated and are able to work collaboratively in a synergistic manner guided by the vision, strategy, values , culture and established systems and processes of the company.

Tasks and responsibilities include :

1. Crop Strategy

  • Leads the global crop strategy development process, analyses market intelligence data to identify the needs of the market and project emerging and future trends, synthesizes SWOT analysis, identifies capabilities, competitive landscape, present and future opportunities for the Crop.

  • Builds the Crop Master Plan (or overall crop strategy) including crop profile, target crop positioning, competitive position, pricing, branding, country prioritization, testing grid etc. for the long-term horizon in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners; develops specific plans of action with clearly-defined milestones; identified needed resources and financial analysis:10yr P&L, NPV, ROI; seeks alignment and sign-off/approval on the Crop Strategy from key decision-makers of the company.

Reviews, recalibrates and realigns Crop Master plan every two years to capture key updates and/or new market information or as frequently as necessary so the company can adjust plans proactively.

2. Crop Development

  • Serve as the voice for markets on crop development teams. 

  • Identify and prioritize crop development opportunities by working with customers, local marketing groups, R&D and other internal stakeholders. 

  • Drive the concept definition and crop feasibility phases of the crop development process. Align and engage the cross functional and country team on the crop development plan.

  • Understand & prioritize customer value concepts/ needs and importance through primary and secondary market research. 

Work with R&D to translate customer requirements into crop requirements and to assess potential tradeoffs

3. Global Crop Portfolio Management

  • Develops a strategy for managing a healthy, balanced and robust product portfolio together with R&D, PDS, Marketing & Sales teams.

  • Conducts analysis of our product mix and positioning in the market based on its life-cycle and is accountable for phase-in/phase-out decisions and timelines in close coordination with Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain.

    Develop the roadmap for new product development and innovating existing products to optimize its full value 

    Ensures the testing program is aligned based on the market size, priorities, seasons & locations - updating the testing grid to reflect market/ country requirements and provides regular communication to Breeding, RYT , PDS and Sales and Marketing.

  • Develop a go-to-market strategy as a recommendation to local marketing teams including pricing, product positioning.

Determines the most appropriate sourcing strategy (ie, strategic and opportunistic) that will ensure a reliable and steady supply of products for our various markets including identification of sources, defining sourcing models, laying down the terms and conditions of the sourcing agreement, negotiating the fees and service levels.

4. Crop Team Capability

  • Supervise and support the crop manager to deliver the long term crop strategy and strategic sourcing. Provide guidance and monitor progress of the crop development and the health of the global crop product portfolio. 

  • Responsible for leading multiple crop teams to ensure the dynamic of product and market development of EWG strategic crops. Collaborate with cross function and country teams on the outside-in approach to capture new development , technology in the market.

  • Co-own the talent development program to increase talent bench strengths and succession plan for crop strategy team.

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  • Minimum 5 years managerial experience in handling crop management in a regional role , preferably gained from similar industry
  • Strong and successful experience in product portfolio development and management with capability to convert market insight into strategic initiatives

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